Friday, September 11, 2009

You Knew Me

As I sat there,

I was all alone,

Know one understood,

No one could help,

I didn't even understand,

I was confused,

Why was I acting like this,

what was I suppose to do,

Then you came along,

You helped me through,

When I had a problem,

I turned to you,

Then this one day,

I was acting up worse; unlike myself,

But you were there,

Once again you helped,

But this time-You said something to me,

You told me what I feared.

It hit me really deep,

this was too weird.

No one has ever done that,

I couldn't even face the truth,

But when I heard you say that,

I got all confused,

How come you knew it,

Just in a flash,

How come it took me,

so long to realize that,

After all the things we went through,

All the things you could see,

How you were always there,

I realized You knew me...

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