Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oh, how much I hate Saturday and Sunday!

Saturday and Sunday, days I’ve never liked. The days that pretends to be something it isn’t.

Ever since I can remember I have hated Saturdays and Sundays and the reasons have never changed. When I was a child at school I hated them and now that I am an adult at work, I feel just the same.

These days is famously known as the ‘days of rest’ a chance for the man of the family to finish with work for 24 hours and spend the day with family. During those times, Saturdays and Sundays would have been longed for, savored and for most people, enjoyed.

However, luckily, life is quite different now. Most of us are lucky enough to have Saturday and Sunday off from working. This, however, has changed the way we feel about them.

Saturday and Sunday for me now represents a laborious countdown to Monday. There is nothing better than the feeling you get on a Friday afternoon when you can set aside of all of the difficult tasks and think ‘ah they can wait until Monday’. It’s a great feeling to have on Friday, when Monday seems like a lifetime away (much in the same way that New Year feels impossible in December). However, come them, all of those difficult tasks start to come to the fore, and like a nagging wife, they eat away at you all through Saturday and Sunday which ruins all chance of enjoyment.

Also, if you’re like me, you’ll also feel guilty about the fact that you are not doing any work. It must be something ingrained in me from school. Saturday and Sunday was always ‘homework day’ or ‘homework putting off day’. That hasn’t changed for me. Technology has meant that I can access my work files and network at the click of a few buttons and I live in guilt on Saturday and Sunday that maybe I should be catching up on work. This coupled with the fact that these two rest days also ‘house cleaning day’ makes them 10 times worse than any Monday.

I truly believe that I shall always hate Saturdays and Sundays. For me the weekend is just Friday. Saturday and Sunday serves as days of mental torture. Saturday and Sunday, I believe, should be named the ‘days of sleep’. Close your eyes lie in a dark room and hope that you miss it!

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