Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Missing U

I miss you like the deserts miss the rain,
almost gone on a wilderness campaign.
I miss you like the trees the sun in winter,
Come back and be their electrostatic printer.

Bring back the days of laughter,
abandon whatsoever you quest after.
Make gone this total eclipse;
Blow the darkness with the rays from your lips.

Come back and once more let's meander,
be the mistress, my heart's commander.
Don't abandon your fleet to sink,
come to my rescue, save without a wink.

Erase the thoughts from that awful night;
make its thought be gone on a one-way flight.
Don't make it stay like an indelible ink,
but erase from the memory with an eye's blink.

Let a fresh start be at hand,
let the flowers blossom on this cultivated land.
Let your smile be the rays and love its fertilizer,
let your hand be the source for a neutralizer.

If only you could see past this eclipse,
look at the brighter future with a glimpse.
No procrastination, but hope,
and prayers just like the pope.

Then we will begin anew,
let love be the binding glue.
Let it flow its course and run,
and the future will tell in the long run.

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