Friday, November 27, 2009

The Mask

I look around me to see everything is still the same
What was once a beautiful city?
Turned to be a dreadful land
At one time I was happy
That was before the poison called reality reached my veins
My voice echoes off the walls
But never heard by anyone else
I feel weak, useless
I just wait; I just wait for this hate to fill me up like a glass
So I could finally break
Spilling all over society
Like it has done to me countless times
Break I whisper to myself
While my heart differs from my mind
Separating me into two different people
People I still don’t know
Every fucking day I must put on this mask
Cover who I really I’m
But like the glass this mask is also cracking
And then everyone will see who I’ am
And how beautiful my mind is
Or they will hate me find me unusual
See me as insane
But only time will tell
Until then I shall let this mask crack…… I could once again be happy….

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